We are delighted to deliver the fresh and subtle scent of high-quality yuzu fruits from Japan to you! 

The clear air, the mist of the river Oi and sunlight in Kawanehon-cho, Shizuoka prefecture, contribute to the development of these exceptional fruits.

What is Kawanehon-cho Yuzu?

Kawanehon-cho Yuzu refers to the high-quality yuzu produced in Kawanehon-cho. Grown at an altitude of 200 to 600 meters, these yuzus have a strong scent and flavour and compare favourably with yuzu from other parts of Japan.

The combination of plenty of sunshine and a marked difference in temperatures by day and by night give the Kawanehon-cho Yuzu a rich and thick pericarp, thought to be the key to the distinct scent and flavour.

Gifts of nature in Kawanehon-cho

Kawanehon-cho is the hometown of the Kawanehon-cho Yuzu. It has long been known as a production centre for high-quality green tea.

The Minami Alps mountain range rises at the northern end of Kawanehon-cho in this region, which has UNESCO Eco Park certification. The yuzu, like the green tea, achieve their quality from the blessings of nature in the surrounding area.

From the Kawanehon-cho Yuzu production system to the world

Producers in Kawanehon-cho are working on enabling more people to enjoy their yuzu. They focus on stable production of high-quality fruits without pesticides. They are also developing processed products such as essential oils, seasonings, and yuzu powder whose fragrance does not deteriorate easily. New products are being introduced each year and are well received.

We are also trying to develop products for overseas export. If you are a company, chef or pastry chef who would like to try Kawanehon-cho Yuzu, please feel free to contact us.

KAWANE SENSE: sense@kawane-hd.co.jp

Introduction of “Kawanehon-cho Yuzu” products for Overseas

Kawanehon-cho Yuzu powder: coarse type / fine powder type

Kawanehon-cho Yuzu powder is made with our original and special method of drying the peel and juice of the fruits. We use everything except the seeds.

Raw fruits are dried at a temperature of about 40 ℃ using a vacuum low-temperature dryer. In this way, the components of the yuzu are hardly damaged in the process of powdering.

We have achieved a vivid scent and yuzu colour that is significantly different from the conventional powdered yuzu made only from fruit juice or peel.
It can be used for various dishes, confectionery and drinks.

Length and conditions of storage: 1 year

Store in a cool, dry place and away from light. Store in a refrigerator once opened and consume without delay.

Coarse type

You can use this as an alternative to the citron peel. Recommended when you want to retain the texture of yuzu.

Fine powder type

This is recommended if you want a smooth texture. Also possible to reproduce the vivid yellow of citron

Usage example

With chocolate

Alternative to citron fruit juice, or peel, for a variety of sweets

For candy

In sauces, marinades and dressings

With soba and ramen

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